Faith in Action: Elder Outreach - A Neighbor's Independence Depends On You

Faith In Action: Elder Outreach

Faith in Action: Elder Outreach serves older adults (65 and older) in Fayette and Scott Counties. Services are free and are not based on income. Requests and referrals for our services come from a variety of sources including family members and neighbors, older adults, faith groups, congregation leaders, service providers for older adults, health and social service agencies.


We are currently serving over 140 care recipients and have approximately 130 volunteers. Although we have a waiting list for individuals needing services, we are still accepting applications for new care recipients. Adults age 65 and over who reside in either Fayette or Scott County are eligible for the program.  Faith in Action does not discriminate on the basis of income.

The heart of our program is building relationships and improving quality of life.  Our program is volunteer-driven, which means that all services are also free of charge.  Trained volunteers are matched with a care recipient for a one on one connection. Volunteers typically serve between 1 and 3 hours per week but each situation varies.  Our volunteers can assist older adults with a variety of non-medical needs to help them stay at home and remain independent as long as possible.  Click here for more information.

Make a Difference in an Older Adult’s Life!

If you are interested in attending a volunteet training, please contact Allison Marcum at (859) 230.4801 or