Faith in Action: Elder Outreach - A Neighbor's Independence Depends On You



Care Recipient Testimonies


“I am so delighted to have Jina and Hoony visit me. They go to the grocery for me and then put everything away, which is a very big help. Last week they helped me fill my bird feeders. These are things that my family would do for me but they would be grumbling and complaining. Jina and Hoony are always smiling and happy to help. They give me a hug when they arrive and when they leave. It is so nice to have friendly visitors!”

-Ms. F, Care Recipient, age 78


“Pop doesn’t hear very well, but he loves people. All week long he would think of stories to tell Sue. She would just listen and visit with him. It was the highlight of his week.”

-June, daughter in law of Care Recipient


“Going to water aerobics helps my joints and I feel better for the next few days. Julia comes every Monday to take me and we have such a nice time visiting during the car ride. Everyone at the YMCA is glad to have me back in class and is so happy to hear there’s a program that provides services like this.”

-Helen, Care Recipient


“Walter is so good to me. He calls me every Monday to see if I need groceries, or to go to the bank, the post office...Usually, he will come by once a week or take me to run an errand every other week. He helps me with these simple but important tasks.”           

-Dorothy, Care Recipient

Volunteer Testimonies


“Every other Friday I take Bessie to get her hair done and then we go to lunch. We have become such good friends. Our time is mutually enjoyable. Our time together is so sweet.”

-Jane, Faith in Action Volunteer


“We don’t live close to our extended family. I want my children to have ‘grandparents’ in their lives and see the value of older adults. My children have learned respect for older adults and have grown to love their ‘adopted grandparents.”

-Abby, Faith in Action Voluntee